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Welcome to a new kind of cannabis software. Trym is the first cannabis farm management software built for commercial growers from the ground up. Improve efficiency, stay consistent, and optimize your entire operation for more ROI and less WTF.

In talking with growers, we discovered a real need for customized software to manage all the moving parts and pieces of their operations. So we built one. Trym empowers growers to boost efficiency, consistency and profitability, all through user-friendly software that grows smarter every day. 

The Technology You Need The Team You Want

Growing cannabis today is big business. You deserve a pro tool to help manage your team, stay compliant, and help you consistently produce quality cannabis. Trym provides you with the technology to do just that. Supported at every step by a passionate team who is dedicated to your success.

The Dollars are in the Details

Ready to become more productive, proficient and profitable? Take a few minutes and let us show you the promised land.

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