Cannabis Software Just for Growers

Trym offers team management, plant tracking, and analytics to help you boost productivity and grow your business.

Everyone’s counting on you to run a tight ship.

To scale your business, you’ve got to bring order to the chaos. Otherwise, your company growth and bottom line will suffer. Trym brings visibility into your entire operation so you can grow to your full potential. As a pioneer of this industry, your time and investment deserve to be rewarded.

The Technology You Need, The Team You Want

It’s really F’n hard to run a business in the regulated industry. We know because we’re not just software developers, we’re growers and cannabis industry veterans. Your love for the plant and its impact on the world is what drives our industry forward. We share that passion and commit to supporting growers who work hard to bring cannabis to the world.

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Case Study: Happy Valley

Learn how Happy Valley saves 23 hours each week using Trym

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