Cannabis data and business intelligence for a healthy competitive edge.

See each batch of plants the way you’ve always wanted with our cannabis analytics and business intelligence tool. A bird’s eye view that quickly gives you the relevant stats about your grow. Track active plants, harvests, and packaged products. Even forecast future yields based on historical data to take strategic planning to higher levels.

Quickly view details for each zone within your facilities, like the current environmental conditions, light schedule and status. See your conditions graphed over a 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day, or year time period.

Harvest Analytics

Cultivators are well versed in tracking data. But how do we learn from it? How do we improve? We look to the past to review our processes and outcomes to make adjustments for better results. Our analytics are designed to do just that.

Review and compare your finished harvests in detail. See how they stack up from total yield or average yield per plant. Select a harvest to get the full low-down: cultivar, start and finish date, number of days spent in each growth phase, total harvest weight along with dry and waste weights, number of packages created and lifetime environmental conditions.

Quick access to your cultivation data

Insights that can improve your production and profitability.