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Metrc is a software application that serves as a reporting tool to track cannabis production and products from ‘seed to sale’ in the legalized cannabis industry for commercial growers. Metrc has been selected by a large number of states to facilitate cannabis compliance data reporting, although each state has slightly different reporting requirements based on their unique regulations.

Metrc stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance.  According to Franwell, the makers of Metrc, Metrc intends to create safety and transparency for consumers in the cannabis industry. But transparency and safety are good for operators as well, even if complying can be a pain.

Metrc collects data on cannabis material via unique identifier numbers (UIDs) on growing plants and the resulting packages of cannabis products. As they change hands in the supply chain, each transfer is recorded. The point is to be able to easily retrace the steps – traceability

What ‘Track and Trace’ really means, is that the state wants a record of your plant’s lives from start to finish. Think about it like this: if a cannabis product, like a vape concentrate, makes someone very ill, a recall will have to be performed. Without a system like this in place, there would be no way to identify where the remaining product in question exist. 

What exactly is tracked in Metrc?

What is Metrc interested in tracking, beyond each plant? In simple terms, it’s the activities, growth phases and plant movements – whether it’s to a different room, into waste, or onto an extraction lab or retail store.

Cannabis plants, in all of their growth phases, are tracked with tags that include:

  • plant identification number (along with a scannable barcode)
  • application identifier (medical or recreational)
  • tag order date
  • license number
  • facility name

What is a UID?

A UID, which stands for Unique Identifier, is simply an alphanumeric code used to identify a specific plant or cannabis product/by-product. In Metrc, products and by-products are referred to as “items”.

There are two types of tagged inventory in Metrc: Plants and Packages.

Plant tags:

Plant tags are used to identify individual and batches of plants depending on where they currently are in their growth cycle.

Package tags:

Packages are groups of “items” that are prepared for transfer or sale to another licensee. Any amount of cannabis or cannabis product that may be sold, manufactured or transferred, must be placed into one or more packages. Each package must have a distinct UID (package tag).

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Metrc-Integrated Software

Metrc offers an API, or, application programming interface, that allows 3rd party software to interact with their system. A 3rd party software might elect to build a Metrc integration in order to improve the process of reporting compliance data. Metrc integrated software typically offers a better user experience and often additional functionality or value. 

Systems like Trym allow cultivators to report nearly every Metrc event. Our customers go into Metrc very rarely. The need to work in both systems applies to all 3rd party software due to Metrc’s API limitations. 

Remember, Metrc is simply a reporting tool. An application that allows you to send data to the state to demonstrate compliance. It requires tedious plant tracking and data entry but offers up no insights based on this data in return. This is where 3rd party software shines.

Systems like Trym, that are integrated with Metrc, can facilitate reporting to Metrc while providing a more user-friendly interface, additional features, and better customer support. 3rd party software can keep you compliant while also saving you labor hours, and offering insights to help boost production or operational efficiency.

Trym is currently integrated with Metrc in California and Oregon and can serve as a fully functioning seed-to-sale software solution for cultivators. In addition to Metrc reporting and compliance, Trym offers a unique combination of environmental monitoring, team and task management, batch management, and analytics.

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