Managing Orders, Clients and Inventory Shouldn’t Be a Hassle.

Apex Trading simplifies B2B cannabis operations and sales with a suite of industry-specific software tools.

  – Easily Manage Real-time Inventory, Complete with METRC Integration

  – Generate New Leads Via the Vendor Marketplace, Branded Storefront Links & Website Live Menu

  – Guide Decisions with Wholesale Market Pricing Insights, Sales Reports & More

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backbone - Trym partner

Yield Matters, Compliance Rules

Data to grow your business, track your process, and stay compliant.

Backbone tracks your processing, manufacturing, and distribution making it easy to evaluate yields, costs, and efficiency. 

Trusting valuable information to spreadsheets, docs, and paper can have you scrambling to get information to partners and stay compliant. 

Take control of your operations today and scale your business by capturing your data in your custom built dashboard.

distru - Trym partner

A better way to stay compliant, unify operations, and grow your revenue.

No-bullsh*t seed-to-sale software for cannabis manufacturers and distributors.

Our powerful, easy-to-use software connects your production, distribution, sales, and accounting teams in a centralized platform to streamline your supply chain and keep you compliant with Metrc every step of the way.

Pufcreative - Trym partner

PufCreativ is a creative marijuana marketing firm that creates strategies and advertising solutions for your cannabis brand. 

Social media management, content creation, SEO, website development and graphic design are just a few of the marketing services our company offers.

rhythm - trym partner

Rhythm Cultivation Solutions & Services offers solutions for Fertigation and Environment Control with the Advanced Batch Series. 

Made in the USA, Rhythm focuses on creating the most advanced, cannabis-specific software and technology for commercial cannabis growers with premium customer service as our focus.  Everything was created and tested in actual cannabis operations with every project receiving personalized support. 

Rhythm employs seasoned engineers, contractors, cannabis growers, and veterans on their development team to help you achieve the highest precision and control. Data Analytics, Irrigation Consulting, Planning & Coordination documents, and Installation included.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) helps Cannabis Operators and Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software companies with regulatory and compliance needs in all METRC and BioTrack traceability states. 

Similar to an ERP consultant implementing an enterprise solution, RMCC assesses, develops, implements, and trains compliant operations across the supply chain to support the cannabis business’s longevity. 

Thriving cannabis businesses’ primary focus is compliance to mitigate the company’s demise due to crushing regulations. Our team has implemented compliant operation infrastructures into more than 500 licenses nationwide. 

By learning from experienced compliant cannabis operators, all markets will shortcut labor, risk, and ultimately cost of developing the compliance foundation themselves. RMCC’s mission is to empower our clients to operate one of the most successful and profitable ventures in their state.

TrolMaster - Trym partner

TrolMaster is an agriculture technology company, offering next generation environmental controllers in the horticultural market.

Trym is integrated with TrolMaster’s Hydro-X environmental control system. The Hydro-X system can control most grow lights brands, HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioners, commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers, as well as CO2 generators or regulators. 

See your TrolMaster environmental data right in Trym.

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