Wireless Sensors
More Flexibility for growers

Access high accuracy root zone and climate data with our newly integrated wireless sensor options.


We’ve partnered with established hardware manufacturer, Aranet, to combine our experiences in cultivation data analytics and best-in-class wireless sensor technology.


Our partnership provides more flexibility in hardware options and will continue to help businesses thrive through cutting-edge tech and more competitive pricing.

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Monitoring substrate data allows you to fine-tune your irrigation strategy, ensuring plants receive the proper nutrition to thrive. Getting real time visibility and precise measurements from the root zone takes the guesswork out of crop steering. 

Our wireless sensors can be paired with other monitoring and control systems that integrate with Trym, creating a flexible and open system for growers. All sensor data flows into Trym creating a central hub for all of your cultivation data. Take control of your yields and ensure high quality harvests with our market leading sensors and software.

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pacific grove

"Crop steering with Trym is a night and day difference. Some of the stickiest weed we've seen yet!"

Randy Hansen / COO / Pacific Grove

Crop steering

"Crop steering with Trym is a night and day difference. Some of the stickiest weed we've seen yet."

Randy Hansen / COO / Pacific Grove


Aranet utilizes only the highest grade soil and atmospheric sensors, giving you confidence that your data is accurate. 


Wireless sensors are more practical in a grow facility and prevent accidents like cord cutting when performing regular plant maintenance. Aranet’s substrate sensors are adaptable and calibrated for various grow media, like coco, rockwool and soil. 


The up-front cost of sensors can be prohibitive to many growers. With Trym, you can finance your equipment and stretch payments out over 18-36 months. 


Immediately recognize the benefits of best-in-class hardware without the big, up-front investment. 

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