Software + hardware to streamline your operations.

Commercial cannabis cultivation is a complex operation. And as businesses scale, having the right tools in place becomes even more essential. Our integrations empower you to grow with confidence, knowing everything is optimized for efficiency.


Trym is integrated with Metrc nationwide and serves as a full compliance system for cultivators. Our software makes compliance efficient and intuitive and helps reduce Metrc errors.

Our mobile app makes reporting plant weights incredibly efficient with the ability to scan plant tags and integrate with Bluetooth scales. Our customers consistently save hours harvesting with Trym.


Aranet allows our users to access high accuracy root zone and climate data with a newly-integrated wireless sensor solution. These are the highest grade soil and atmospheric sensors, giving you confidence that your data is accurate.

The first of its kind in the cannabis industry, our “open system” approach to crop steering offers flexibility to pair Aranet’s wireless sensors with existing environmental monitoring and controls.

distru seed to sale software

Connect Trym to Distru, cannabis seed to sale and ERP software, for added functionality and epic efficiencies. 

Distru handles everything post-harvest, including manufacturing, inventory management, sales order fulfillment, and more. Trym + Distru is the perfect solution for operators managing cultivation through to distribution.

software integration

The most seamless software stack for seed to sale operations.

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Software Integration

Trym x distru

The most seamless software stack for seed to sale operations.


Trym integrates with Growlink sensors to enable real-time data monitoring and analysis. Monitor climate conditions, temperature, humidity, CO2, as well as root zone conditions, WC and EC.
Steer your plants to great outcomes with the breakthrough true time-domain reflectometer (TDR) soil moisture sensors offered by Growlink.


Ensure your conditions are optimal by integrating Trym with TrolMaster’s Hydro-X systems for a perfect harvest every time.

Monitor your temperature, humidity, CO2 and lights all from the palm of your hand.

Choose the Hydro-X or Hydro-X Pro and grow with more precision and consistency.


A top-of-the-line, complete end-to-end control system tailored to your facility by Argus Controls.

Large cultivation facilities require close monitoring of all grow spaces to ensure consistency throughout.

Integration with Trym puts full visibility of grow conditions into the palm of your hand for access anywhere, anytime.


Our integration with Confident Cannabis, the leading cannabis lab testing software, automatically links lab results to the associated harvests in Trym.

Cultivators can now easily understand how the strategies they implement in the grow directly translate to product quality.


Trym integrates with Ohaus scales making harvesting super efficient. Bluetooth connectivity allows for Trym to quickly record plant weights automatically.

The Ohaus Ranger 3000 is the leading bench scale on the market. Its portability makes it an efficient choice to use in any space in your operation.

The Ohaus Defender scale is another popular option and is also compatible with Trym’s mobile and web apps.

Dutchie POint of sale

Pair our powerful cultivation software with a full seed-to-sale ERP system. Dutchie offers inventory management, processing, retail and payments. Our integration provides a best-in-class solution for vertically integrated cannabis businesses.

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