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Get to Know Trym & Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission
Is Our Passion

Our mission is to help cannabis growers thrive by lowering the cost of production and increasing product consistency at scale

The Trym Founders – Karen, Benjamin, and Matt – all share a love for cannabis and a history of growing. In 2017 the three found themselves chatting about the industry one day when…

The ideas started flowing and the roots of Trym were planted. Software customized for growers to track key data, manage daily operations, and create workflows that boost efficiency and consistency.

Since the early days, Trym has transformed into a comprehensive cultivation management platform customized for commercial cannabis growers.

Our team of three is now growing strong and Trym software powers more than 3 million square feet of cultivation space. Designed in collaboration with valuable farming partners. Integrated with numerous solutions to help cultivators run their businesses better. Inspired to grow smarter every day.


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Michigan cultivators 🍃 Please join us and @distruapp this Thursday for a happy hour in Lansing 🍻 DM us for the event link to RSVP
Our own @lindsey.trym doing work with RFID 🔫 We’re thrilled to launch package auditing 📦 in addition to harvest, move, phase & destroy 💣

Streamline #Metrc reporting today with Trym ✅ Book a demo @
Shout out to @d.wreck420 of @texomatumbleweed for sitting down with us and sharing how he’s freed up hours of time with root zone sensors + software from Trym 🙏

Read the full Growers Spotlight on our blog for their story and the unique strains they are growing down in Oklahoma 🔥🍃
Meet the new & improved Grow Log 🌱 a social feed for your facility and team

Now with the ability to comment and give props 🙏 View measurements, notes and photos on both mobile and desktop. Get better visibility into what’s happening on the day to day 💡

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Want to boost efficiency in 2024? Check out our integrated RFID tech 🌿🏷️🔫 

RFID paired with the Trym mobile app is a powerful way to streamline cultivation compliance 🔥

Audit, move, destroy, harvest plants instantly. Eliminate paper logs completely & report to #Metrc seamlessly with Trym 😎
Our 2023 customer support stats provided by @intercom 💬 With a 97% satisfaction score and 3 min avg response time, we’re incredibly proud to offer excellent support to our customers 💫 Does your cultivation software provider get back to you in 3 mins? 

Our in-app chat is backed by real people who solve problems fast & get shit done!! 💪🏽 #trymtech #cannatech
Shout out to Oregon’s DeTerra for crushing it with sensors & smart irrigation strategies 💦 Read the case study for their journey to record yields 🌲🔥link in bio
We spoke with Kyle Thorne, Facility Manager @ DeTerra, to learn about all the success they’re having crop steering with Trym 🍃📈 

Read the case study for the full story on how they increased yields from 1.4 to 3lbs a light💡Link in our bio 🔗
We make compliance fast and maybe even, fun?! 🤯 Visit or DM us to learn more about harvesting with Trym + RFID 🍃📲✔️

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RFID + Trym’s Touchless Harvesting = your fastest harvest yet 🔥 Don’t let plant tags, data entry, or Metrc slow you down. 

Visit to learn more 🔗
We just launched RFID tracking 🚀 RFID is a game-changer for compliance reporting ✔️ Bringing massive gains in efficiency ⚡️

RFID Harvesting - no more fumbling with tags or barcode scanners 🏷️ 

Audit zones or rooms in seconds 🍃 

Move, phase, or destroy plants instantly and keep records accurate 

RFID tech paired with our industry-leading Metrc integration & support is the ideal compliance system for growers - DM us to learn more.
The only constant in life is change - and cannabis regs change like the wind 🌬️ We've updated our Metrc Guides, some of our most downloaded resources, to be current with the latest changes from Metrc. ⁠
If you're a cultivator in California, Michigan or Oklahoma in need of additional #Metrc support, download a copy on our website - link in bio. ⁠
**Missouri Metrc Guide coming soon! #cannabiscompliance #cannatech #cannabisindustry
Big love to our friends at Natura for being so collaborative and an all-around dope partner over the years 🍃💚

They’ve been crop steering with Trym + integrated sensors and their results have been remarkable 🤩

Check out the video via link in bio to learn how they significantly increased yields & quality with our wireless root zone sensors 🌲📈

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Hey @oklahomagrowers 🍃 Did you hear the latest from #OMMA ? As of July 14 individual plant weights must be reported to Metrc ⚖️❗️No more batch harvesting & averaging weights. ⁠
Trym's touchless harvesting is the answer for quickly sending plant weights to Metrc with ZERO manual data entry. It's slick, efficient, &  compliant. Click the link in our bio to learn more 🔗⁠

📸 by @rosatiphotos of @zacrobat harvesting at @floracalfarms
Harvest days are special ✨ Don't let compliance kill the vibe 🚫 Trym makes reporting data quick & eliminates Metrc headaches so you can keep the vibes high all day 🤘 ⁠
Send us a DM to learn about our harvesting tools 🍃 

📸: @rosatiphotos at @floracalfarms 💚
Congrats to our friends at @vangsttalent with the launch of their new platform, #VangstLearn 🎊 We're excited to participate and share that our training course is live! ⁠
If you're looking for work in #commercialcultivation or just curious to see our mobile app, head to, make a profile, and take our training! ⁠
Team appreciation 🫶 These three have passion for the plant, years of industry experience, and help make Trym GO 🚀⁠ Thanks guys for everything you do for us and our customers. 
Head of Engineering⁠ - Zach Siglin⁠ @zacrobat 

Head of Partnerships - Neil Chau⁠ @neil.trym 

Head of Customer Success - Igor Andre⁠ @igorgrowstomatoes 
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If you’re starting fresh or expanding operations in the #cannabisindustry - you’ll need a detailed operations plan 👷‍♀️🍃
A #cannabiscultivation operations plan is a document that outlines how your business will run on a day-to-day basis. It covers everything from staff roles and responsibilities to resource allocation and timelines. ⁠

Download our free template for the guidance you need to get started. Link in bio
With a vast array of 51 different genetics, NOBO brings new & unique flavors to the Michigan market. Read our interview with Nick for his fav in-house strain - hint, it smells like homemade pasta! 🧄🍝 

Tap the link in our bio for our Growers Spotlight with Nick Graham of NOBO 🍃