It All Started With a Few Buds & A Dream

Get to Know Trym & Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission
Is Our Passion

Our mission is to help cannabis growers thrive by lowering the cost of production and increasing product consistency at scale

The Trym Founders – Karen, Benjamin, and Matt – all share a love for cannabis and a history of growing. In 2017 the three found themselves chatting about the industry one day when…

The ideas started flowing and the roots of Trym were planted. Software customized for growers to track key data, manage daily operations, and create workflows that boost efficiency and consistency.

Since the early days, Trym has transformed into a comprehensive cultivation management platform customized for commercial cannabis growers.

Our team of three is now growing strong and Trym software powers more than 3 million square feet of cultivation space. Designed in collaboration with valuable farming partners. Integrated with numerous solutions to help cultivators run their businesses better. Inspired to grow smarter every day.


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