Touchless Harvesting
Max EFficiency harvesting starting at $140/mo

Our innovative and patented Touchless Harvesting enables cultivators to quickly and compliantly harvest and report to Metrc. One of our most loved features, now offered as a standalone product.

Harvest faster

Harvest day should be special, not a tedious compliance process. Our harvesting system sets you up for success thanks to our seamless Metrc sync, integrated Bluetooth scale, and optional hand readers.


With Touchless Harvesting, you can:


  • Create harvest (with an RFID reader, Barcode Scanner, or mobile device)
  • Merge harvests
  • Report harvests
  • Move, promote, and destroy tagged plants
  • Audit tagged plants (RFID only)
  • Find tagged plants (RFID only)
  • Download audits reports (RFID only)
  • Download harvest report, including plant info and weight
    • Revert Metrc events
3 ways to use touchless harvesting


rfid reader
rfid cannabis reader

Incredibly fast

Easily read tags still attached to plants from any angle within arms reach

Read tag even if barcode is obstructed

Metal walls greatly reduce reliability and precision of RFID scanning


barcode reader

Reliable scanning in all lighting


Can scan tags attached to plants easily

Obstructed barcodes (misprint, dirt/soil, or faded from sun) can be challenging to scan


mobile camera

Scan tags within the Trym app using your device camera

iOS and Android enabled

No additional hardware needed

Performs best in well-lit environments 

Plant tags must be removed to scan

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“Trym has really helped us streamline our entire Metrc compliance. Their Touchless Harvesting has saved us countless hours and upwards of $1500 in labor each harvest.”
Lois Fox, Director of Compliance, FloraCal Farms
easy plant management

Our harvesting plan comes along with some additional helpful features, like the ability to move, promote, or destroy tagged plants. You can use either the camera on your mobile device, a barcode scanner, or an integrated RFID reader to perform these plant actions. Trym records and sends all data to Metrc seamlessly. 

Auditing with RFID: the New Standard

Performing regular audits is a best practice and becomes especially useful for state compliance. Achieve epic efficiency while auditing zones, rooms, or your entire facility with Trym. What once took hours, is now done in seconds with RFID. Effortlessly create reports and quickly resolve tag issues, turning regular audits into a quick and straightforward process.

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We sped up our harvest time by 87% with Trym’s RFID system.
Lance Vollrath, Owner, Haylow Farms