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To take this industry head on, you’ve got to bring order to the chaos. And that means gaining full visibility and control over your operation. As technology advances, those who embrace change will lead the charge. Hard work and perseverance deserve to be rewarded. We’re here to help you grow to your full potential.

Touchless Harvesting

Touchless Harvesting

Mobile Tag Scanning

Harvest day has been optimized for max efficiency! Scan plant tags from your mobile device, record UIDS, and report your harvest to Metrc faster than ever. Touchless harvesting is the fastest way to harvest compliantly in California.

Ohaus Scale Integration

Connect Trym to a Bluetooth scale and begin weighing your plants. Trym will record the weights, no need to touch your device. Touchless Harvesting takes the ‘suck’ out of weighing individual plants.


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It’s really F’n hard to run a business in the regulated industry. We know because we’re not just software developers, we’re growers and cannabis industry veterans. Your love for the plant and its impact on the world is what drives our industry forward. We share that passion and commit to supporting growers who work hard to bring cannabis to the world.

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Case Study: Happy Valley

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