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Jan 8, 2021

Touchless Harvesting is a game changer

Optimize Your Harvest for max efficiency!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Touchless Harvesting, our Patented technology that enables cultivators to quickly and compliantly scan, weigh, and report plants to Metrc. Labor efficiency is a top concern for cultivation operations, so we developed an innovative method to effortlessly automate and streamline the entire harvesting process.

“The Touchless Harvesting feature is a great convergence of efficiency and compliance. It allows us to remain in full compliance with even the most conservative interpretations of harvest regulatory requirements without sacrificing any time.”
Andrew Rayl, Director of Compliance, FloraCal Farms
plant tag scanning

We know how tedious it is to weigh individual plants – we’ve been in cultivation facilities on harvest day.

Beyond the harvesting process itself, entering all of this data into Metrc is an additional step, and often, this data is being recorded twice. Once by the cultivation team, usually on paper, and again by the compliance team, when they enter harvest weights into Metrc. This is an inefficient, error-prone, and costly process.

Touchless Harvesting lets you mount your mobile phone or tablet to a rack, connect to a Bluetooth scale, and get scanning plant tags at the speed of light! Once you complete your harvest, you can save it in the Trym mobile app, and when ready, send to Metrc with a single click.

With Touchless Harvesting you can:

  • Save time and stay compliant with the regulations
  • Scan plant tags via phone or tablet w/out touching the device
  • Complete harvests without logging into Metrc
  • Record plant weights automatically via Bluetooth
  • Keep sticky, trichome-covered fingers off their mobile devices

We recently tested Touchless Harvesting with our partner, FloraCal Farms. The FloraCal team was able to harvest, individually weigh, and report 680 plants in less than four hours. Efficiency and compliance are top priorities for the FloraCal team who harvest every week in their 20,000 sq.ft. cultivation facility. 

How it works

Connect the Trym mobile app to an Ohaus bluetooth scale, like the Ranger or Defender models, create a new harvest from the Harvest menu, and start weighing and scanning.

You can either weigh the plant first and then scan the tag or vice versa – the weights will automatically populate from the scale and associate with the proper tag.

Trym will record the plant weight, register the UID, and load the camera automatically for the next tag to be scanned – no need to touch the device.

When you complete and save your harvest, the data will be accessible in both Trym’s mobile and desktop apps.

Finally, when your compliance team or designated Metrc admin is ready, they can review the days’ events and report to Metrc with a single click. This ensures error-free data reporting.

Touchless Harvesting has been a game-changer for cultivators that have to abide by state-mandated reporting regulations.

We’re excited to launch this new feature that makes harvesting compliantly as painless as possible!

“At Trym, we’re all about helping cultivators save time and streamline their operations. That’s why we created Touchless Harvesting.
It’s a burden to harvest due to regulations that require tediously weighing each plant. Touchless Harvesting is the fastest way to harvest, weigh, and report to METRC in California.
Matt Mayberry, CEO & Co-Founder of Trym

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