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May 31, 2023

Cannabis Consulting: Everything You Need to Know


The regulated cannabis industry has been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, making it essential for businesses to navigate the intricate web of regulations, marketing, and compliance. This is where cannabis consultants play a critical role. Consultants provide guidance, expert advice and knowledge that may be missing from your team, and strategic business planning to help cannabis businesses thrive in this burgeoning sector. This article covers everything you need to know about cannabis consulting and how to choose the right cannabis consultant for your business.

Understanding Cannabis Consulting Firms

No matter the stage of your business, there is likely a cannabis business consultancy that can help you ascend to the next level. Cannabis consulting firms are an indispensable component of the industry, offering their expertise and support to anyone seeking to establish or expand their cannabis enterprise. They can assist with projects ranging from crafting a comprehensive business plan to generating financial statements and enhancing production efficiency.

10 Popular Services Provided by Cannabis Consulting Firms

Cannabis consulting firms provide a diverse range of services, from assisting in obtaining licenses and permits to offering financial advice tailored to cannabis businesses. Here are some of the most common services cannabis consultants often provide:

Cannabis Licensing

A proficient team of cannabis consultants can be instrumental in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of cannabis licensing. From understanding the local and state regulations, ensuring compliance with all necessary permits, and submitting a cannabis license application, a cannabis consultant can provide valuable guidance and expertise.

Cannabis Business Compliance

Ensuring compliance is vital to protect the safety and security of your business. A cannabis consulting firm can help you understand and adhere to state, local, and federal government laws and regulatory requirements for growing and selling cannabis. They can also advise on implementing the best product labeling, tracking, and record-keeping practices.

Cannabis Business Finance and Accounting

Proper financial management is crucial for the survival and growth of cannabis businesses. Cannabis consulting firms provide financial services like budgeting, forecasting, tax planning, and corporate strategy to guarantee that your business’s finances are well-managed. They can also help you create cash flow projections, prepare financial statements, and analyze pricing strategies.

Cannabis Facility Design and Construction

Cannabis consulting firms can also lend their expertise in cannabis facility design, construction, and equipment selection for a commercial cannabis facility. They can offer guidance on building codes and safety regulations, help develop plans for cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging, distribution, and recommend the best equipment to optimize production efficiency. Consultants can also help plan for future growth by advising on expansion and scalability.

cannabis consulting facility design

Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing are essential components of any cannabis company – or any company in any industry for that matter. A cannabis consulting firm can help you devise a comprehensive branding strategy that accurately reflects your business’s unique characteristics and appeals to consumers. They can also advise on building brand awareness through targeted advertising, social media presence, public relations, and digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, consultants can offer assistance in creating content for websites or social media platforms, developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and managing online reputation.

Standard Operating Procedures Development

A cannabis consulting company can develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your cannabis business, which are invaluable to an organization. This includes creating procedures for cannabis propagation, cultivation, testing, packaging, and distribution.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Cannabis consultants provide regulatory compliance support to ensure clients comply with all state and federal laws. They help clients understand complex regulations and develop processes that ensure compliance throughout the business.

Cultivation and Extraction Support

Cannabis consulting companies provide support for cultivation and extraction operations so that cannabis products are produced to quality standards and production metrics are trending positively. They help cultivation and extraction clients develop efficient and scalable processes for growing and extracting cannabis products.

cannabis consulting

Staff Training and Development

Cannabis consulting companies provide staff training and development services to help clients build a knowledgeable and expert team. They provide training on cultivation, extraction, compliance, retail, and other essential business areas.

Research and Development

Cannabis consulting companies can help businesses stay at the forefront of the industry by researching and developing new products, technologies, and consumer trends. Product development is especially important as competition on retail shelves increases. This can enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve and grow and expand over time.

The Cost of Cannabis Consulting Services

The expense of advisory services can vary widely depending on the size and scope of a project. Generally, cannabis consultants charge an hourly rate for their services or offer flat-fee packages that include all necessary services.

Experienced cannabis consultants provide invaluable advice for those entering the booming cannabis industry. Whether you’re looking to set up initial operations or create and launch a new product there’s a consultant that can help. These services typically costs between $250 to $350 an hour, which is relatively affordable compared to consultancy fees in other industries, which can exceed $1,000 an hour. Shopping around and comparing prices is recommend to get the best value and company fit.

Selecting the Right Cannabis Consultant

When choosing a cannabis business consultant, it’s essential to opt for someone with extensive cannabis industry experience. Look for consultants with a proven track record in cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail operations.

cannabis consulting

Additionally, your team of consultants should possess a deep understanding of business strategy and operations, including financial management, market analysis, and supply chain management. They should be effective communicators capable of explaining complex concepts in simple terms. Their depth of knowledge will be the key to getting the most value.

It’s also essential to conduct thorough research and seek consultants with a strong industry reputation and references from past clients. Lastly, your consultant should be flexible and adaptable, willing to work collaboratively with you and your team and adjust strategies as needed.

Top Cannabis Consulting Companies

Numerous cannabis consulting firms across the nation offer assistance to businesses at various stages. Here are some of the best cannabis consulting companies, as ranked by Benzinga:

  1. Best Overall: Cann Strategy
  2. Best for Business Development: Canna Advisors
  3. Best for Production Performance: Higher Yields Consulting
  4. Best for Banking: Fincann
  5. Best for Accounting: Bridge West CPAs
  6. Best for HR and Payroll: Greenleaf HR

Choosing the right consultant is crucial to fostering a successful cannabis business. By considering factors such as experience, expertise, communication skills, reputation, and adaptability, you can find the ideal consultant to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of the commercial cannabis industry. With the support of a cannabis consulting firm, your business can flourish and achieve success in this rapidly expanding market.

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