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Apr 6, 2023

Co-Founders Matt and Karen Mayberry on ‘Proud to Work in Cannabis’ Podcast

We’re excited to share our co-founders, Karen and Matt Mayberry, were recent guests on the Proud to Work in Cannabis podcast, hosted by Karson Humiston, Founder & CEO of Vangst.

In this episode, they delve into the journey of how our CEO Matt, CMO Karen, and third co-founder and COO, Benjamin, have combined their passion for cannabis and technology to create Trym, a revolutionary platform for growers and cultivators in the cannabis industry.

Karen and Matt open up about their unique experience of working together as a married couple while balancing the many challenges of parenting and entrepreneurship. They share valuable insights into their approach to fundraising, marketing, and developing a product that truly caters to the needs of the cultivator.

The story of Trym is not only about groundbreaking technology but also about the resilience, creativity, and commitment of the people behind it. This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the cannabis industry, entrepreneurship, or simply seeking inspiration.

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