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Feb 25, 2022

Trym Launches Metrc Integration in Michigan

Michigan Cultivators Can Now Pair Trym’s Industry-Leading Metrc Integration With Innovative Crop Steering Capabilities To Manage Critical Cultivation Data In One Platform

Novato, California   January 26, 2021  Trym, industry-leading cultivation software provider, announced today an integration with Metrc in Michigan, enabling cultivation businesses to leverage Trym’s exceptional sync with the Metrc API. Years of development and refinement of their sync provides Trym customers the most seamless and efficient compliance reporting experience. 

Metrc is the state-selected traceability system in recreational cannabis markets like California, Massachusetts, and Michigan, that tracks the movement of cannabis plants and products throughout the supply chain. Trym integrated with Metrc in California in 2019 and is now thrilled to offer their advanced Metrc integration to Michigan’s commercial cultivators. 

Since Trym first released their Metrc integration, nearly 3 years ago, they’ve integrated customer feedback to strengthen the product and have built innovative technologies like Touchless Harvesting, that drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to compliantly harvest in regulated states. 

“Trym has created a more fluid and efficient means of managing and monitoring nearly every aspect of our plant life cycles. The platform’s seamless integration with Metrc offers enhanced process flow with minimal room for human error.”

Andrew Rayl, Director of Compliance, FloraCal Farms

About Trym

Founded in Novato, California in 2018, Trym software is custom-built for commercial cannabis growers. Trym boosts production efficiency, empowers team members, and turns insights into strategic decisions. Trym’s comprehensive platform helps growers manage daily operations to increase profitability and scale faster. The company currently operates in 18 U.S. states and works with many of the largest cultivators and multi-state operators in the country. The Trym mobile app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


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